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 Glossary & Definitions 

The person on whose behalf the application is made and shall, wherever the context so requires, include the person signing the application.


The Board of Approval as notified by the Department of Commerce

Capital Goods

Any plant, machinery, equipment or accessories required for manufacture or production, either directly or indirectly, of goods or for rendering services, including those required for replacement, modernisation, technological upgradation or expansion. Capital goods also include packaging machinery and equipment, refractories for initial lining, refrigeration equipment, power generating sets, machine tools, catalysts for initial charge, equipment and instruments for testing, research and development, quality and pollution control. Capital goods may be for use in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, poultry, sericulture and viticulture as well as for use in the services sector.

Competent Authority

An authority competent to exercise any power or to discharge any duty or function under the Act or the Rules and Orders made thereunder or under this Policy.


One of the parts of a sub-assembly or assembly of which a manufactured product is made up and into which it may be resolved. A component includes an accessory or attachment to the component.


Any item, which participates in or is required for a manufacturing process, but does not necessarily form part of the end-product. Items, which are substantially or totally consumed during a manufacturing process will be deemed to be consumables.

Consumer Goods

Any consumption goods, which can directly satisfy human needs without further processing and includes consumer durables and accessories thereof.

Counter Trade

Any arrangement under which exports/imports from/to India are balanced either by direct imports/exports from the importing/exporting country or through a third country under a Trade Agreement or otherwise. Exports/Imports under Counter Trade may be carried out through Escrow Account, Buy Back arrangements, Barter trade or any similar arrangement. The balancing of exports and imports could wholly or partly be in cash, goods and/or services.


A person or body of persons, company, firm and such other private or government undertaking, who develops, builds, designs , organises, promotes, finances, operates, maintain or manages a part or whole of the infrastructure and other facilities in the Special Economic Zones as approved by the central Government.

Development Commissioner

The Development Commissioner of the Special Economic Zone.


Duty Free Replenishment Certificate.

Domestic Tariff Area

Area within India which is outside the Special Economic Zones.


Relation to any goods manufactured in India and exported, means the rebate of duty chargeable on any imported material or excisable material used in the manufacture of such goods in India. The goods include imported spares, if supplied with capital goods manufactured in India.


Electronic Hardware Technology Park.


Export Oriented Unit.

Excisable goods

Any goods produced or manufactured in India and subject to a duty of excise under the Central Excise and Salt Act 1944 (1 of 1944).


A person who exports or intends to export and holds an Importer-Exporter Code number unless otherwise specifically exempted.

Export Obligation

The obligation to export the product or products covered by the licence or permission in terms of quantity, value or both, as may be prescribed or specified by the licensing or competent authority.

Handbook (Vol.1)

The Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1) and "Handbook (Vol.2)" means Handbook of Procedures (Vol.2) published under the provisions of the paragraph 2.4 of the Policy.


A person who imports or intends to import and holds an Importer-Exporter Code number unless otherwise specifically exempted.

Infrastructure facilities

Industrial, commercial and social infrastructure or any other facility for the development of the Special Economic Zone as notified.


ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items Book.


Processing or working upon of raw materials or semi-finished goods supplied to the job worker so as to complete a part or whole of the process resulting in the manufacture or finishing of an article or any operation which is essential for the aforesaid process.

Licensing Authority

The authority competent to grant a licence under the Act/Order.

Licensing Year

The period beginning on the 1st April of a year and ending on the 31st March of the following year.


To make, produce, fabricate, assemble, process or bring into existence, by hand or by machine, a new product having a distinctive name, character or use and shall include processes such as refrigeration, re-packing, polishing, labelling. Re-conditioning repair, remaking, refurbishing, testingcalibration, re-engineering. Manufacture, for the purpose of this Policy, shall also include agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, poultry, sericulture, viticulture and mining.


Market Access Initiative

Merchant Exporter

A person engaged in trading activity and exporting or intending to export goods.


Net Foreign Exchange Earning as a percentage of exports.


A notification published in the Official Gazette.


An Order made by the Central Government under the Act.


An element of a sub-assembly or assembly not normally useful by itself and not amenable to further disassembly for maintenance purposes. A part may be a component or an accessory.


An individual, firm, society, company, corporation or any other legal person.


The Export and Import Policy, 2002-07 as amended from time to time.


Prescribed under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 (No. 22 of 1992) or the Rules or Orders made thereunder or under this Policy.

Public Notice

A notice published under the provisions of paragraph 2.4 of the Policy.

Raw material


basic materials which are needed for the manufacture of goods, but which are still in a raw, natural, unrefined or unmanufactured state; and


for a manufacturer, any materials or goods which are required for his manufacturing process, whether they have actually been previously manufactured or are processed or are still in a raw or natural state.

Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate

(RCMC) means the certificate of registration and membership granted by an Export Promotion Council or other competent authority as prescribed in the Policy or Handbook (Vol.1).


Rules made by the Central Government under Section 19 of the Act.


All the tradable services covered under General Agreement on Trade in Services and earning free foreign exchange.

Service Provider

A person providing



Supply of a ‘service’ from India to any other country;


Supply of a ‘service’ from India to the service consumer of any other country in India; and


Supply of a ‘service’ from India through commercial or physical presence in the territory of any other country.


Supply of a ‘service’ in India relating to exports paid in free foreign exchange.


Special Economic Zone notified by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce.


All types of vessels used for sea borne trade or coastal trade and shall include second hand vessels.


Standard Input Output Norms notified by DGFT in the Handbook (Vol.2), 2002-07/approved by Board of Approval.


A part or a sub-assembly or assembly for substitution, that is ready to replace an identical or similar part or sub-assembly or assembly. Spares include a component or an accessory.


Specified by or under the provisions of this Policy.

Status holder

An exporter recognised as "Export House/Trading House by DGFT/ Development Commissioner or Star Trading House/ Super Star Trading House" by the Director General of Foreign Trade.


Software Technology Park

Third-party exports

Exports made by an exporter or manufacturer on behalf of another exporter(s). In such cases, shipping bills shall indicate the name of both the exporter/manufacturer and exporter(s).

Unit Approval Committee

The Committee notified for Special Economic Zones to consider proposals on matters relating to Special Economic Zone unit under its jurisdiction.

Wild Animal

Any wild animal as defined in Section 2(36) of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Zone Development Board

The Zone Development Board notified for Special Economic Zones to consider matters relating to development, operation and maintenance of SEZs.

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